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Holistic Therapies & Intuitive Guidance for the Freedom Seeker















Celebrate the real YOU


Develop and explore buried creative gifts and talents

Heal your internal world by releasing painful emotions​ & shame

Heal the "I am not enough" wound

Free yourself from mind programmes and traps

Bring more simplicity to your life

Make dreams reality, and leave behind the old, limited version of yourself

Do you feel blocked, restricted or limited in your life? Do you want to feel more free to express yourself, assert your needs, do what you love, whilst also trusting yourself? Do you care too much what others think?

This page is for anyone wanting to free themselves from life's shackles, and experience a fulfilling life without limitation... Personal liberation is an incredibly unique journey, requiring a unique approach, which may take some gentle guidance...


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"I think William is a fantastic coach. I love his balance of listening and calmness with focus and
incisiveness, making the sessions a pleasure to experience and purposeful in their intent." 

About me


Hello. I'm William, a holistic therapist, Human Design specialist, gardener and playful spirit.


My approach to life is not complex and incorporates the mind, body and soul. Click here to read my blogs for more information.

I work holistically with Freedom Seekers who need a boost. Those who want to be free to enjoy life without the barriers, working deeply to get them seen and recognised, so they find a sense of self acceptance and pride in their gifts - A sense of purpose and liberation.

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So, why choose me?


Well, through my own journey into the pain of feeling unworthy, inadequate and trapped by my circumstances, I went from feeling totally powerless, to experiencing freedom and fufilment. This internal excavation, reconnecting with my creativity, and freeing myself from many toxic external influences catalysed major shifts in areas of my life that I thought were not possible. I want to share with you what worked for me since my vision for humanity is ultimate freedom! This is so so important to me to see humans experiencing joy and freedom, and makes my heart sing!

My secret: I made life simple and then decided to invest in myself! I was able to turn my life around and start making empowered choices. Once I wanted it enough, there was no stopping me!

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I believe life is all about fun and joy and freedom, whilst building systems that benefits each individual. I cannot wait to share this journey with you all! Healing can be light and breezy, doesn't always have to be so heavy.. At your own pace, tailored to your needs.

My approach: Honest and sensitive. I work with those committed to change who are willing to go a little deeper.

So, are you ready to join me on a  deep and transformative healing journey to personal liberation?



  • Holistic Life Coaching (Lv. 4 PGDip - NCP Accredited)  

  • Integrative Counselling (CPCAB Lv. 2 & 3)

  • Holistic Swedish Massage (ITEC Lv. 3 Dip)

  • Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage (Dip) 

  • Siddha Kundalini Healing  

  • Reiki Level 1

  • Psychology & Criminology BSc (hons)  



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"I found William’s style really warm, laid back and kind. He acknowledged all my feelings and validated them. He was positive and reassuring and gentle. Basically just so lovely! I felt a real connection with him and a sense of trust and I believed him when he was positive about my ability to change." 


"An aspect for me that was fundamentally important was William's positivity and optimism, which I think had the right balance of motivation and yet focus to bring me back from my reflection, and clarify what I was actually going to do in the here and now."



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£50 1 hour

£70 1hr30

+ Six Week Transformational Coaching Package - Enquire for details.

Face-to-face | Online


£50 1 hour

£70 1hr30



In-calls | Out-calls

If you would like to supplement your coaching or massage with a Human Design reading click here for details.


Advance payment by bank transfer/Paypal only. 

48 hour cancellation policy.

About me


Email me (using email address or contact form below) to book a free telephone consultation. Available to answer any questions there.


Sessions can begin only once I have established whether my services are suitable for client needs.


Serving East Sussex (Eastbourne and Brighton) for massage.


Offering online coaching and Human Design sessions worlwide.


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