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When you are born different, you are here to show others a different way of being! 


My Story

I have been on a deep journey of emotional, physical and spiritual healing after being led down the garden path for decades with medications and various psychological labels that left me feeling incredibly disempowered and numb. 


Little by little, I managed to liberate myself, by connecting to the power of nature, and my own natural rhythms and innate healing ability. Going deep into my body and exploring my emotional world allowed me to find the peace and clarity I needed to truly improve my life and show others a different and better way.


After experiencing the full spectrum of limitations working six years in the mental health sector, I was ready to go deeper and work on a physical and energetic level with clients. I felt inspired to train in massage to gain a  technical and intuitive understanding of how our emotions and traumas are stored in the body, and how they can be released.

Training in counselling and coaching was a wise investment and such a joy. I learnt how to powerfully hold space for clients to undergo huge transformations, and it led me to my calling in somatic coaching.

Professional Training and Qualifications:

Holistic Life Coaching (Lv. 4 PGDip - NCIP, AC Accred.)  

Integrative Counselling (CPCAB Lv. 2 & 3)

Advanced & Deep Tissue Massage (Dip) 

Holistic Swedish Massage (ITEC Lv. 3 Dip)

Psychology & Criminology BSc (hons) 

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