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As a certified somatic coach, I empower clients to establish healthy personal boundaries and connect with their nervous systems, tapping into the body's natural healing abilities. I have assisted hundreds of clients over the years in transforming their lives by them feeling their emotions and releasing personal and ancestral trauma. My main focus within sessions is the development of nervous system capacity, and nervous system regulation. With my support and guidance, you can achieve dramatic lasting results - read on to discover the benefits of somatic coaching and how I have changed lives.

Heal the root

Go from the mind into the body to heal the energetic imprints and release the painful holding pattern

Hold abundance 

Nervous system healing and regulation increases your capacity to hold onto your dreams and wants so you can fulfil your desires.

feel emotions

Feel and identify emotions in a safe space

Self love

Improve self esteem & meet your own needs

release trauma

Use a variety of techniques to clear and release trauma stored deep within the body and nervous system.

improved confidence

Develop stronger sense of self and personal boundaries


William helped me find and see my own truths by helping me access and hear the signs and messages of my own body.

Holly, Portugal.

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